An employee-focused and 
 flavour obsessed brand

Our mission to Democratize Healthy Food starts with our people.

So whether you grow your culinary career or promote animal welfare

and the environment, we want to help you get a good start.


This isn’t just a passion for plant-based cuisine. It’s a promise to make whole plants fast, easy and incredibly tasty.

“Taste is first,” Chef Kevin Bertram says simply. 
The stripped-down statement speaks volumes about the intention he brings to his craft and the Good Reason menu. If it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t matter if it’s healthy. Staying delicious is the answer to healthier eating longterm.


Why eat a more plant-based diet? Because it offers a near-endless list of health benefits many people are lacking today.

There are huge health gains when you eat more whole plants.

You can help prevent, treat or reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and more, all while boosting immunity & energy.

Our mission is flavour for the long haul.

If you’re looking to choke down good-for-you foods through willpower alone, it won’t last long enough to reap the health benefits.

When you put more of what’s good in your body, you feel better.

It’s as much about what’s there (nutrients, antioxidants, probiotics) as about what’s not 
(no cholesterol, GMOs, and fewer saturated fats).


Eating a diet rich in plant-based foods treads more lightly on the environment, too.

Our goal is to give back more than we take. Plant-based ingredients are more sustainable to cultivate and harvest and use fewer resources, making them not just smart to eat but kinder to the planet. But what about packaging? Recycling, composting, local manufacturing using recycled material, avoiding harmful chemicals and wasteful plastic…these are just some of the topics we’re exploring as we learn how to deliver not just food, but eco-conscious designs. We are committed to putting as much energy into responsible packaging as we do into bringing you amazingly healthy food.


Mission-driven, fun & inclusive company with outsized ambitions

We believe food can do good and taste good.

Every dish that comes out of our kitchens has been crafted to deliver maximum taste and nutrition, with minimum impact on the planet. Nothing processed, nothing manufactured. Just pure, whole ingredients cooked to bring your tastebuds to their knees. Enjoy!



Responsibly Delicious®