The Un-Beetable

It doesn’t get better than nutrient-dense slow-roasted beets, scallion chèvre, crispy shallots, seared mushroom slices and citrus balsamic dressing.


Chili lentils
Citrus balsamic dressing
Sautéed kale
Scallion chèvre
Seared mushroom slices
Seed mix
Slow roasted beets
crispy shallots

Superfood ahoy!

Beets boost energy, detox, fight inflammation and more. We love ‘em because they taste so good.
No. 1

Working out today?

Studies have shown that beets can help athletes with performance.
No. 2

Beets with brains

Early research shows beets could support brain health and cognitive function. We feel smarter already.
No. 3